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About Us

Falah Abiyana was founded by four friends who are Finaz Yunus, Heliza Helmi, Farrah Adeeba and Nurul Azwin that share the same interest in muslimah fashion. They had produced a wide selection of shawls and tudung for the hijab ladies who prefer a simpler yet cute look to pair with their outfits. Falah Abiyana shawls are colourful and fits each individual preferences who love a light material of hijab. Ladies from all age groups could shop for some affordable clothes and hijab online as Falah Abiyana brand is available in ZALORA. Yes, it is! The cost of each piece is reasonable and offers a modern Islamic appearance. The brand shawls and long skirts are suitable for the ladies to wear every day without feeling uncomfortable in the hot climate as its shawls are the light texture fabric.

Falah Abiyana muslim clothing collection has a very versatile touch and appropriate to wear anywhere including classes, work or formal functions. Appear adorable, classy and feminine with the extensive range of designs from Falah Abiyana.

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